Hillier Water Gardens

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Water Fountains Water Fountains

Select from a wide variety of bronze, iron, cast resin and stone fountains.

Spitters Spitters

Small ornaments that spit water for a pleasant effect.

Pond & Garden Ornaments Pond & Garden Ornaments

Choose from cast stone, iron, bronze, with styles including Asian.

Carved Granite Items Carved Granite Items

Benches, ornaments, fountain and basins.

Pond Lights Pond Lights

Underwater lights make your pond look beautiful at night!

Floating Critters Floating Critters

Add interest to your pond with life-like critters!

Pre-formed Ponds Pre-formed Ponds

A pre-formed pond makes it easier for you to have a water feature in your outdoor space!

Pond Liner Pond Liner

Water proof Pond Liner keeps your filtered water in your pond, protected from soil.

Pumps Pumps

A variety of pumps available, so you can pick the best one to suit your needs.

Filters - Gravity Return & Pressurized Filters - Gravity Return & Pressurized

Select the right filter to keep your water clean.

Ultraviolet Clarifier Ultraviolet Clarifier

Intense Ultra-Violet light sterilizes your pond water. These lights offer great value.

Pond Treatments Pond Treatments

Do you need help controlling bacteria, algae, pH level?

Birdbaths Birdbaths

A wide assortment to choose the ideal birdbath for your outdoor space.

Plants Plants

We have a selection of Water Lilies, Floating plants and Oxygenators.

Planters Planters

We have a variety of ornamental planters, to beautify your space.

Wind Chimes Wind Chimes

Add peaceful, gentle sounds to your outdoor space.

Rock Covers Rock Covers

These large Rock Covers will hide unsightly equipment and fixtures, making your outdoor space look clean, natural and beautiful!

Tubing, Connectors & Clamps Tubing, Connectors & Clamps

Hoses, connectors and clamps are essential pond equipment.

Pond Accessories Pond Accessories

Accessories to help maintain your water garden.

Books Books

books to help you understand the potential of your water garden.

Fall Products Fall Products

Stay tuned for Fall Products!

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