Hillier Water Gardens



S= Small Waterlilies, spread up to 3 feet in diameter.

M= Medium water lilies, spread 3' to 6'.

L= Large water lilies, spread over 6'.

FS= Full Sun

PS = partial shade.

L - FS, PS
M-L - FS, PS
S - FS, PS
M-L - FS
M - FS. Carmine red flowers. Attractive dark green foliage. Excellent for small to medium ponds. An old favorite. Free flowering.
S-M - FS, PS. Eye catching cup-shaped deep red blossoms. Profuse bloomer. Will tolerate some shade. Performs best in cool climates.
S - FS. Free bloomer featuring wine red blossoms. Excellent for small ponds and patio gardens. Will colonize rapidly, but not weedy.
M - FS
M-L - FS
M-L - FS
M-L - FS, PS
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