Hillier Water Gardens

Fall Products

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For maintaining healthy pond conditions throughout winter in cold climate areas - especially with fish present. Consists of special floating pump assembly that keeps a small round surface are free of ice. Allows oxygenation of the pond water. Low Energy
Create a healthy, oxygenated pond. These high-performance Air Pumps add oxygen to your pond for a healthy biological balance.
These nets make cleaning your pond easy. The scoop front edge aids in collecting either surface or pond-bottom debris. 15"x12" frame. (Handles sold separately).
The Pond Winterizer is a complete fall-to-spring maintenance kit, but with the P418 Pond Heater instead of the de-icer. Also includes Pond thermometer, Low temperature fish food & 14'x20' Protective pond netting.
An energy-efficient fall-to-spring maintenance solution that lets you keep your fish healthy throughout the winter. Low-energy circulating de-icer with integral pump. Pond thermometer. Low temperature fish food. 14'x20' Protective pond netting.
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