Hillier Water Gardens

Filters - Gravity Return & Pressurized

Ideal for smaller ponds, including preformed ponds or container water gardens.
Select a filter based upon pond gallons and placement needs.
Up to 5,000 gallons water garden. 2,000 gal koi pond. recommended pump flow: 500 - 3,000 gph (min-max).
The AquaSkim effectively removes leaves and other debris from the pond surface. This helps prevent murky pond water or algae growth and keeps debris out of the filter system.
Ideal for all container water gardens holding up to 50 gallons of water.
Oxygenate your pond with our new pond aerators for healthier fish and plants. Increases water circulation and prevents stagnation. Can be used to help prevent icing-over in the colder weather for your outdoor pond.
This filter features state of the art progressive filtration using Matala Filtration Media. Each filter is designed for ponds up to 2,700 gallons. For larger ponds, simply run additional filters in parallel.
This new in-pond pre-filter/bio-filter provides maximum pump efficiency, as well as highly effective filtration.
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