Hillier Water Gardens

Pond Liner

All our 45mil EPDM Pond Liners are: 5' x 100'; 10' x 100', 15' x 100'; 20' x 100' long. We cut the length according to customers wishes.
Single sided tape used on top of liner overlaps. Recommended use in combination with Seam Tape and Tape Primer. Roll sizes: 6"x25', 6"x100'.
Double sided tape "sandwiched" between liner overlaps. Recommended use in combination with Cover Tape and Tape Primer.
a 6" self-adhesive water-tight patch that seals accidental holes in the liner.
feature tape laminated to flange from easy application when sealing round pipe penetrations. Fits 1" to 5" OD.
Minimal Expanding Foam, better density for secure rock placement and design, better control during application, less waste - less foam to trim away. Foam is carbon black impregnated and will never fade.
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